missing you is the saddest thing i can think of
i miss you in the fast lane at 2am when half the sky is yellow moon
 i miss you on the porch smoking secret cigarettes
i miss you when the dogs bite up the night
 seven blocks of silence
  its so easy like accidents

accidents, like
 a friend of mine smashed a woman in to dust
and as the stars sparkled to life
 th e y had to cone off three different sections of the motorway
accidents, like
i love you accidents
like i never wanted you to feel this way im so sorry im so sad 

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at night i bright
  like a dead star sketch
 i have my own idea of me

i sit and shower posh hoping for you
 lounging on that kiss at the train station
in the movie rain at dawn
and the sky bled out over everything
i said i love you you said 

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